Another Trump Gang Member Begins To Fold.

Mike Weisser
3 min readAug 22, 2023

I normally only post one column a day but what my sister sent me earlier today can’t wait.

I’m referring to a GoFundMe that one of the members of the Trump Gang indicted in Georgia has put up to raise the money she claims she will have to spend on her legal defense.

The digital beggar is Cathy Latham, who is identified on the GoFundMe page as a retired teacher living on a teacher’s pension who was also former chair of the Georgia GOP and was also an ‘alternate elector,’ whatever the fu*k that means.

I guess what it means is that she’s one of the lunkheads who got together and created those fake Electoral College ballots that Mike Pence was supposed to count instead of the real ballot which he did count.

So far, poor Cathy has raised 1% of her $500,000 goal, in other words $5,000 from 44 true believers since she began begging on Sunday. She’s also been joined by 808 true believers who have offered a prayer for her or offered a prayer for something. Of interest is the fact that her prayer group outnumbers her donor group by twenty to one.

Poor Cathy was indicted because she happens to have been the Trump Gang member who facilitated the attempt by several other gang members (also indicted) who broke into voting machines in Coffee County to download data that would ‘prove’…