Are You Ready for the Catastrophe?

Mike Weisser
4 min readDec 7, 2023

Until yesterday, I thought that anyone who believed that Trump won the 2020 election was either stupid, crazy or both. But then I happened to hear about a new project which if it’s more than a website, has to rank as something which must attract the craziest human beings of all.

It’s an underground living space called Vivos, a global shelter network which provides living space that will allow its residents to survive any surface catastrophe for at least one year.

Now exactly what the surface of the Earth would look like after an atomic war breaks out which kills everyone else on the planet isn’t made clear. But a nuclear holocaust is only one of many Armageddon-like events that could happen at any moment, so for between $35,000 and $55,000, per person, you and your loved ones can protect yourselves from any and all threats. And in case the danger gets so close that you need to arm yourself within the shelter, you can always grab one of those assault rifles (pictured above) which is kept ready and waiting in the arsenal to be used for that last-ditch effort to save yourself and your loved ones from an otherwise deathly fate.

I first began noticing advertisements for products that would keep me safe from the coming apocalypse when I started listening to Rush Limbaugh back in 1993. Rush ran ads for family-sized bomb shelters that could be built in your backyard, and he also promoted freeze-dried foods that could be stored in the bomb shelter for up to a year.

When I was a kid back in the 50’s, we had to pretend that a nuclear bomb had just exploded downtown, and all the kids were required to lie down on the floor under their desks and put their hands over their ears. Every public school also had a plaque on a wall of the school identifying the building as a civil defense location, complete with a room in the basement which allegedly contained food and water which could be consumed during and after a nuclear attack.

There were also allegedly some guys who came around to inspect these basement shelters located in schools and apartment buildings, but I never met anyone who was employed to do this kind of task.

All of this nonsense became somewhat superfluous after the United States and Russia negotiated two nuclear treaties known as SALT I and…