As Long As The GOP Follows Trump, They’ll Win The Racist Vote.

It only took 24 hours for Afghanistan to disappear as an item on the national news, which says something about how much Joe’s decision to cut and run will cost him politically as things move towards election night, 2022.

Talking about politics, the media is going ga-ga over recent polls which show Joe’s approval rating dipping under 50%. He would even lose to Trump if the 2024 election was held today.

Except these polls are what Grandpa would call ‘narishkeyt,’ (read: nonsense), they don’t mean a thing. Because until you get close to the actual date of an election, there’s simply no way to estimate voter turnout, which is what two-party elections are all about.

And guess what? In the same Gallup poll, which gives Joe a 49% positive rating, with registered Democrats his positive rating is 93%. And among non-Whites, his approval rating is 73%. At the same point in time during Trump’s tenure, his approval rating among non-Whites was 15%.

Want to know why the GOP is trying to limit voting in states like Texas and Georgia, which happen to be states with lots of non-Whites? Just keep that 15% figure in your head and you’ll have the whole thing figured out.

Way back in 1963, when most of the readers of my columns weren’t yet alive, I happened to be in the fieldhouse at the University of Kansas watching the Cincinnati and Kansas basketball teams going through their pre-game, warmup drills. A kid wearing a Kansas sweatshirt was standing next to me, and at some point during the drills he said, “Boy, I can’t wait to see how the big Cincinnati nigger matches up against our big nigger.”

He was talking about Cincinnati’s center, George Wilson, who went on to play a few seasons with the Boston Celts. His Kansas matchup was George Unseld who was drafted by the Lakers in 1965.

This kid who came up to me didn’t have the slightest idea that using the word ‘nigger’ in a conversation with a complete stranger was any kind of a problem, as long as that stranger happened to be White. That’s what racial relations were all about in this country one year before the Civil Rights Act was passed.

Roughly 90% of America’s population alive today became adults after the Civil Rights Act. Which means that most Americans today have absolutely no idea how a word like ‘nigger’ was part of the normal lexicon of everyday speech.

What Trump accomplished in the 2016 campaign was to take the word ‘nigger’ out of the closet and refurbish it as ‘non-White immigrant’ so that once again some Whites would have a group they could hate.

Because that’s what racism is all about — hating people who are different from yourself.

A good example of this approach is a story about how Stephen Miller, the self-hating Jew who gave Trump his daily dose of racist beliefs, stood up at a Cabinet meeting in 2018 and said that if Muslim immigrants were let into this country, it would create ‘Iraqs and Stans’ in cities all over the United States.

I can’t find a source right now, but I very clearly remember that when we went into Afghanistan to chase the Taliban out in 2001, Newt Gingrich said he’d rather fight ‘them’ in Afghanistan than fight ‘them’ in the streets of Philadelphia. Like the Taliban was going to float a naval brigade up the Delaware River and land a couple of battalions under the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The 2020 Census clearly indicates that the racial Armageddon in America will occur probably within the next 15 years, but depending on immigration and birth-rates, it could happen sooner than that.

Here’s a map which shows the percentage of non-Whites in every county as of 2017:

Notice how the counties with the largest proportion of minority populations happen to be states with the largest number of electoral votes — California, Texas, Florida, New York. Who cares how many non-Whites live in North Dakota or Idaho? Those states ain’t got no votes unless they let the cows, or the brown bears vote.

You start off with the electoral votes of those four states and you have 151 of the 270 electoral votes you need to grab the brass ring every four years. Add in a few more reliably blue states — New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Oregon, Washington — states which gave Joe 60% of the 2020 popular vote, and every national election will get down to Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Keystone State. How can the Democrats lose?

Of course, the Democrats can lose if they nominate a natural-born-loser like the one they nominated in 2016. But I’d rather go into every election having to lose it rather than having to win it, okay?

Although I doubt it will actually happen, I’m hoping that Trump will somehow stay in the thick of things and force all the other 2024 GOP wannabees to swing hard-right when it comes to the issue of race.

I got it! We’ll start a new political ‘movement’ to replace MAGA with MAWA, as in Make American White Again. And then we’ll get someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene to head up our national ticket — she wouldn’t miss the chance.

Think what I just said is nonsense? Just remember that we had a President who actually got up and said there were some ‘good people’ wearing Nazi swastikas as they marched down the main street of Charlottesville in August 2017.


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