Can You Spare Five Bucks to Help Trump?

Mike Weisser
4 min readFeb 17, 2024

I feel a little funny posting two columns so quickly back-to-back, but I just happened to see a news report which I must share.

It’s a GoFundMe campaign put up by some lady who feels the need to help Trump come up with the $355 million that he’s been fined in the New York civil case where he was found guilty for lying about the value of his real-estate holdings so that he could borrow more cash.

The report was published yesterday by Judge Engeron in New York, and tomorrow I’m going to comment about the 96-page document in detail. But suffice it to say that anyone who takes the trouble to read the details published by Judge Engeron will quickly realize that Trump’s entire real estate career has been a big scam.

And by the way, although Trump and some of his handmaidens are already complaining about how this report is just another example of how his enemies will concoct one lie after another to keep him from reclaiming his Resolute desk seat, the report is overwhelmingly based on documentation that presented to the court by Trump’s legal team in his defense!

Anyway, back to the GoFundMe page which was out up yesterday by a woman who claims to be an “ardent supporter of American values and an advocate for justice” and by the way, a supporter of Donald Trump. She created the site yesterday which asks for…