Can You Trust Any Republican?

Mike Weisser
4 min readFeb 24, 2024

Just when I thought that the last thing we needed was yet another group which believes the country can only get back on track by promoting basic political principles which made America great at some point in the past, along comes a new outfit which claims to be dedicated to “advancing a more principled center-right politics” by “advancing a more principled center-right politics,” i.e., pulling the GOP out from under the sway of Donald Trump.

Calling themselves ‘Principles First,’ this weekend the group is holding a three-day, ‘grassroots summit’ in D.C. and you can still join the festivities for $45 bucks, which is a lot less than coughing up $295 to get into the annual CPAC conference which is also being held this weekend in D.C.

In fact, the two conclaves are basically a reflection of how the GOP feels about the guy who is so far ahead in the primary campaign that they really should just declare him to be the nominee right now and get on with the business of trying to regain the White House after Joe has brought the country down to the lowest it has ever been, even if what’s really the lowest happens With to be the national unemployment rate.

The CPAC crowd will get a mouthful from Trump tonight but I’m willing to bet that the one thing he won’t mention is that he’s going broke, and his campaign is also running out of cash. With daily interest clicking along, he will shortly owe New York State $400 million bucks, and he owes Jean Carroll $80 million and change.

Never mind the legal costs, the political financial picture for Trump looks just as dismal. As of last month, Joe was sitting on $56 million in cash, Trump had $30 mil. The DNC had $24 million in the bank, the RNC is short of $9 mil.

And for all Trump’s bullshit about how he’s for the ‘little guy’ and understands the problems of the average man, his campaign had received money from 143,000 individual donors, while Joe’s donor total is over 170,000 as of last month.

For all the nonsense about how Joe should quit the race because he’s too old and too demented, I don’t notice any of the Democrat(ic) naysayers talking about money, which is what really counts.

And by the way, to add insult to Trump’s injuries, a recent analysis in The (Failing) New York Times found that condos in Trump’s Manhattan towers are selling for 10% less than apartments in other luxury buildings, when floorspace in Trump condos was selling slightly above the…