Cheney v. Trump: She Won.

Mike Weisser
3 min readJun 10, 2022

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I watched last night’s initial session of the January 6th select committee in a state of disbelief.

I thought what we would get was another warmed-over version of the two, pathetic attempts that the Democrats made when they tried to impeach Donald Trump. But this event was very different. So different, that I thought I was watching a different Democratic Party.

I am referring to the two speeches made first by Bennie Thompson and then by Liz Cheney, both of whom made it clear that they considered January 6th to have been an assault on the democratic process planned and endorsed by Donald Trump.

I should be more specific and point out that both speakers said their beliefs were based on evidence and on the testimonies of others, several of whom, including Trump’s daughter, made brief video appearances during last night’s event.

How come the tone and content of last night’s session was so different from the agonizingly plodding and vague presentations made when Trump was impeached? It was because both impeachment trials were planned and conducted by a Democratic Congressional majority hoping to find a few GOP Senate votes.

They didn’t, and because they didn’t, Trump was able to use the authority and presence of the Presidency to continue his ‘the election was stolen from me’ crusade. He said it again last night in a bunch of messages on his Truth Social site. But nobody’s paying attention to that venue anymore anyway.

The good news is that last night wasn’t an exercise in the politics of compromise. In fact, it wasn’t any exercise in compromise at all. It was an unvarnished example of the power of a government which has the uncontested authority to issue subpoenas backed up by threats of contempt for those who don’t want to comply.

Which brings me to the biggest surprise from last night, which was the pathetic response to the hearing from the alt-right. As my sister said to me in an email today, all those so-called Trump defenders either nitpicked the hearing or complained about the price of gasoline. As if having to fork over an extra Jackson when you pull up to the pump equals smashing into the Capitol to hang Mike Pence.