Dear Liz Cheney: Please Shut Up and Go Away.

Mike Weisser
4 min readAug 19, 2022

Poor Liz Cheney. Pauvre petite Liz. What does she get for being the ‘conscience’ of the Republican Party? She gets kicked in the ass and has nothing better to do than to float some nonsense about running for President in 2024.

They never quit. The only one who ever quit was Richard Nixon. The rest of them stick around no matter what.

Cheney was so upset by her primary loss last week that by the next morning, she had set up a new PAC called ‘The Great Task’ and transferred the $7 million she still had on hand from her political campaign to — ready? — form a ‘non-partisan’ effort to keep Trump from ever sitting his fat ass down behind the Resolute desk again.

Cheney couldn’t even get 40% of the GOP primary vote in her own district, and she’s going to lead a national campaign?

And I love how she said that she wants to get the GOP “back to a place where we’re embracing the values and the principles on which it was founded.”

So, here’s my question to pauvre petite Liz: Exactly what ‘values and principles’ are you talking about? The ‘values and principles’ that Donald Trump was espousing in 2016?

Cheney went on the Rush Limbaugh show (remember him?) and said: “We’ve gotta unify behind Trump and make sure Hillary Clinton’s not elected.”