How Come Trump Is So Quiet About Rhodes Getting 18 Years?

Mike Weisser
4 min readMay 26

Now you would think that a poor bastard like Stewart Rhodes would at least get some mention on Truth Social after being slammed with eighteen years for trying to help Donald Shithead keep his fat rear end on his chair behind the Resolute Desk for another four years.

You would think.

But not one word on the Truth Social app.

In fact, what Truth Social is now promoting is a shopping club which features — ready? — listings of ‘values-aligned’ businesses which don’t promote the ‘woke agenda’ and are ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom.’

Unfortunately, you can’t see the shopping club website this morning because they must be using the same technology company that Ron DeSantis used to make his Presidential announcement, but we’ll try again later today.

In any case, I have to give Trump credit because here’s a guy who knows absolutely no limits when it comes to schlock that he tries to peddle in order to make a buck. Now back to Stewart Rhodes.

I have to assume that the reason Trump is keeping absolutely mum about his good buddy being carted off to jail for the next 16-plus years (he’s getting credit for time already served) is because his lawyers have finally gotten through his thick head that shooting his mouth off about ongoing legal issues just isn’t a smart idea. And since the attorneys representing Rhodes have already announced they will appeal his conviction, obviously the case against the Oath Keepers isn’t yet a done deal.

But I remember when the Oath Keepers first started out, which was when the Tea Party was being eclipsed by a surge of alt-right groups and organizations, largely in response to the election of Barack Obama, and this group was entirely different from what it became under Stewart Rhodes.

First of all, Rhodes may be a graduate of Yale Law, but he never held the most important credential for membership in the original Oath Keepers group, namely, to have served as a sworn officer for a law enforcement agency, usually a sheriff’s department or some other agency operating out in a rural sone or some small town.

There happens to be a very clear demographic difference between cops who work in the big-city…