If Raffensperger Wins Tonight, So Does Pence.

Mike Weisser
4 min readMay 24, 2022

So now the Fake News is all ga-ga over a comment posted on Trump’s Truth Social platform which allegedly calls for civil war because things are such a mess. And will Trump disavow the statement? Of course not. Why should he?

Trump probably didn’t even know the comment was up there until the Fake News started kvetching about it, and the last thing he’s about to do is make it appear that he’s giving in to all those left-wing queers, faggots, communists and whatever else they are.

We won’t really be getting into the mid-term election battle until after Labor Day, but you can bet that when things start getting hot and heavy that Trump will try to stay in the thick of things. And the only way he can have any impact on November’s outcome is if: a) the POS/GOP wins back at least one of the two Congressional chambers, and b) he can somehow claim responsibility for turning the Congressional alignment from blue back to red.

The reason that Trump has begun posting such outrageous and combative alt-right nonsense on his social media site is the same reason that he began his 2016 Presidential campaign with a blatant appeal to racism packaged as anti-immigration rants, namely, to position himself as the only POS/GOP loudmouth who wasn’t just another politician trying to play in the POS/GOP which had too much competition for him.

I always thought that the POS/GOP represented the Chamber of Commerce, and the Democrats represented the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). And it seemed to me that in a country whose trillion-dollar GDP is entirely dependent on an economy which churns out consumer goods stacked on store shelves by a workforce which is at least minimally literate, you need both.

But what Trump has done in seven years is to create the appearance of a third political alternative, whose underpinnings appear to be a rejection of both the traditional GOP/POS conservative, pro-business stance, as well as the Democrat(ic), liberal pro-worker position as well. So, just as most of the schmucks who charged up the Capitol steps on January 6th were blue-collar types, so the so-called ‘radical’ wing of the Democrat(ic) Party is overwhelmingly the most highly-educated and entitled population in the United States.