If This Is the Future of Politics, I’ll Stick with the Past.

Mike Weisser
4 min readAug 3, 2022

Know what? 2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year. We have both the POS/GOP and the Democrat(ic) Party getting ready to dump the old men and get behind not only women for the top spot on the ticket, but women who aren’t even 50 years old. Talk about passing the torch.

For the POS/GOP we have Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has already announced that she would love to run in the second spot with Orange Shithead, but she’s only saying that because she has to pretend that OS is still the man to lead the MAGA brigade.

Meanwhile, everyone’s getting sick of Trump. Even Mike Huckabee can’t stand to have him around anymore. When someone as nutty and stupid as MTG says she’d love to run as OS’s VP, she’s getting ready to announce for the Spot #1.

On the other side, the announcement has already been made. It appeared in The Hill in an op-ed by some young guy who floats around Democratic campaigns because he doesn’t have to work for a living. The op-ed says that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be for 2024 what Barack Obama was for the blue team in 2008 — a young, fresh new face who represents a ‘movement’ within the Democrat(ic) Party to dump old fuddy-duddies like Joe and get things to where they need to be.

So, now we have two movements that will determine what happens in 2024 and beyond — MAGA on the one hand and something not yet named or copyrighted on the other. But in case you’re wondering where the movement to take over the Democrat(ic) Party is coming from, the op-ed in The Hill makes things very clear: AO-C is the spear-carrier for Bernie Sanders, the ‘Godfather’ of the Left.

After all, according to this op-ed, Bernie is the ‘architect’ of Medicare for All, the $15 minimum wage and “numerous other programs that are now mainstream.”

He is? When was the last time that Sanders stood up behind his Senate desk and made a speech about anything that ended up being voted into a law? If there ever was a contest to pick the member of the United States Senate who has talked more and actually achieved less, Bernie’s only competition would come from Rand Paul.

For those of my liberal friends who agree with Bernie that the $7.50 federal minimum wage is an insult to all working…