Is Every Political Website Now a Movement?

Mike Weisser
3 min readSep 19, 2023

Yesterday I happened to spend a minute online and looked at the speaker’s list for the PrayVoteStand meeting being held in Washington, D.C. This group is a front group for the Family Research Council, which was founded in 1981 and took up where Anita Bryant left off, namely, to use the Evangelical population to rant and rave against gays.

It’s just a few years short of half a century ago when Anita tried to revive her country music career by promoting an anti-gay program in Dade County, Fl which overturned an ordnance prohibiting anti-gay discrimination but ultimately had the reverse effect of creating the national movement to affirm gay rights.

When you watch ads on DirecTV featuring gay couples, it’s difficult to imagine a time when being gay was something you kept to yourself. It wasn’t uncommon for gay men and women to move far away from their families and birth communities in order to follow a gay lifestyle but avoid bringing shame on the folks back home.

It’s now going on ten years since the Supreme Court affirmed the legality of gay marriages (Obergefell v. Hodges) in 2015, but if you were to walk around the PrayVoteStand meeting this weekend, you would think that gay rights are as much of a hot issue as it used to be.

Except it’s not unless you also believe that America needs to retain and strengthen its fundamental origins as a white, Christian nation, which happens to have been relevant when the country was founded 230 years ago but really doesn’t mean squat these days.

Of course, if you’re running for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, you have to show up at the PrayVoteStand meeting, not just because Evangelicals are overwhelmingly Republic(an) voters, but also can be counted on to support GOP political candidates with their hard-earned nickels and dimes. So, DeSantis, Ramaswamy and Pence all showed up, but the headliner, of course, was Shithead Trump, who kept referring to Obama when he was talking about all the terrible things done by Joe, most of all how Joe’s policies would get us into ‘World War Two.’

And it’s Joe who’s demented? World War Two?

Take a look at this picture of the crowd at this meeting demonstrating their love and support for the American flag. Notice that there isn’t one, black face in the audience even though four black guys were listed on the speaker’s list, including Ben Carson who no doubt told everyone about the dangers of…