Is Trump a Fascist?

Mike Weisser
4 min readDec 1, 2023

Donald Trump’s latest rant that Capitol police should be prosecuted for beating up ‘innocent J6 protestors’ is so disgusting that it’s beyond belief, but I have to give Trump credit for continuing to figure out something to post on social media every day that keeps his name out there for everyone to see.

Nevertheless, no matter how crazy or repulsive Trump continues to be, no matter how much he ramps up his rhetoric, including stealing a line about ‘vermin’ from Hitler or Mussolini or both, I’m sorry but just because you sound like a Fascist doesn’t make you a Fascist, no matter how many times you threaten to call out the troops to put down riots ‘in the streets.’

Trump has two basic problems which are becoming more apparent every day. First, you can only perform the same show on the road before you run out of audiences who are eager to hear what you say. Second, in this country if you want to attract everyone from either fringe of the political spectrum, the well only runs so deep.

When you have an unemployment rate under 4% and a Dow Jones number just a tad below 36K, it’s pretty tough to make a believable ‘things are going to Hell in a handbasket argument’ which will be bought by anyone other than the people who support you no matter what you say.

Yesterday, I drove past a convenience store with a posted price for regular gasoline at $2.99. That’s some ‘ruinous’ inflation, right?

On the other hand (I love to pretend that I’m President Eisenhower at a press conference with the ‘on the one hand this, on the other hand that’ response which he always gave to every question — duhhh, does anyone out there know who Eisenhower was?) maybe I’m making a mistake by chastising my friends in the liberal media who continue to warn us about the so-called Fascist threat.

The good news about saying that Trump’s a Fascist is that, if nothing else, such comments keep the notion of Fascism alive, which is an historical phenomenon that appeared in Western Europe in the 1920’s and then spread to other regions around the globe. I was reminded of the international aspect of Fascism yesterday with the death of Henry Kissinger who, denials to the contrary, was deeply involved in the installation of a CIA-baked Fascist regime in 1973.