MAGA Is Just Another Trump Marketing Scheme.

Mike Weisser
4 min readFeb 20, 2024

Maybe I’m wrong, but when I was a kid, when you finished school and went looking for a job, you had a choice. You could either ‘go public,’ which meant working for some government agency like the cops, the fire department, or maybe teaching in a public school. Or you could ‘go private’ and work for some company that maked some product which you could go around and sell.

But whichever way you went, public or private, in those days one had nothing to do with the other. Everyone understood these were two very different and very separate work environments and that’s the way it was.

Thanks to Donald Trump, or POS-Trump as I prefer to call him, that world no longer exists. What we now have is a world in which you can do both at the same time — be what we call a ‘public servant’ but also sell something to the public at the same time.

Now you would think that since the government regulates just about every inch of the consumer market that operating in both spheres, public and private, would be seen as a conflict which requires that you choose between one or the other environment and stick with your choice. But I remember when POS-Trump announced he was not going to relinquish his involvement with his private company which owned property both in the United States and abroad, and he defended this decision by saying that he…