Now That Rudy’s Been Called, Can Trump Be Far Behind?

Mike Weisser
4 min readMay 6, 2022

Here’s where things start getting interesting. Yesterday, I received a fundraising appeal from the National Republican Senate Committee (NSRC) headed by Florida’s junior Senator, Rick Scott. As for now, they believe that their best strategy is to be a cheerleading squad for Donald Trump and regaining control of the Senate will insure a Trump ‘legacy’ going into 2024.

Given that I’m a yellow-dog Democrat, I happen to believe that Trump’s legacy consists of equal shares of stupidity and racism, but there are obviously lots of POS voters out there (POS = GOP) who disagree with me.

Fine. They can disagree with me all they want. I just hope that every voter out there who agrees with me shows up to vote on November 8th. sre

If they do, we win. And I don’t care if we have to stuff a few ballot boxes in the process. I notice that for all the POS /GOP talk about how elections are rigged, many POS/GOP candidates are also telling all their supporters to get out and vote.

The real problem is that the POS/GOP has decided that the best way to capitalize on the country becoming less than majority White is to promote the idea that non-White voters have gotten together with other marginalized groups, like gays and lesbians, for example, to create a political majority that will attack and destroy the America that we all love.

And guess what? They have now added the activists promoting a woman’s ‘right to choose’ to the anti-American gang which comprises the Left. The NRSC just released what they claim is a national poll which shows that a majority of respondents believe that state legislatures, not unelected judges, should make the laws covering abortion, and by the way, a slim majority no longer supports the idea that women have the right to decide about terminating a pregnancy by themselves.

Of course, this poll is totally phony — there’s no link to the poll itself, nor is the polling organization identified in the small print. But I’ll give the NRSC credit for coming up with a clever response to the Supreme Court leak which, by the way, ties all those angry, militant pro-abortion noisemakers into the same cabal which is against everything else that Donald Trump has been fighting to protect.