Now That Trump Has Said The F-Word, The N-Word Can’t Be Far Behind.

Mike Weisser
3 min readJul 11, 2022

So now we have OS going up to Alaska to campaign for that drunk, Sarah Palin, and he finally does what all his fans and supporters have been waiting for him to do for the last six years — he uses the ‘f-word’ in public when talking about Twitter and Elon Musk.

He also used the word ‘bullshit’ several times, but when he said the f-word he got a big laugh.

Frankly, I’ve been waiting for him to use the n-word in a speech because he’s the kind of guy who would certainly use that word when he’s talking privately to his friends.

He came close to dropping the n-word during the 2016 campaign at a stop in California where he laughed and looked around for ‘my Negro,’ some hapless local GOP functionary who showed up to take a selfie with OS but then disappeared into the crowd.

Actually, Trump (as in OS for Orange Shithead) first asked ‘my African-American’ to come up on the stage. When that one didn’t work, he became a little more vulgar and rolled out ‘my Negro’ to the delight of his crowd.

Trump’s rallies always remind me of a NASCAR race. First of all, it’s the same kind of crowd, the same kind of music, the same kind of stars and stripes nonsense, the same kinds of kids with the same kinds of half-eaten gooey crap spread all over their faces.

And by the way, it’s the same people who come back to race after race.

And what makes NASCAR so much fun is the anticipation that there might be a big crash. Nobody wants to see any of the drivers get hurt, but when a couple of cars go flying through the air, roll over and smack up against a wall, it’s an impressive sight.

The anticipation at a Trump rally is because the crowd is waiting and hoping that he’ll say something really nasty, something really vulgar, something which makes him an ‘authentic’ kind of guy.

This is what I kept hearing from some of those poor schmucks who were so enamored of OS when he first went out on the campaign trail.

“He’s someone you can trust,” they would day to me. “He’s not like all those phonies who go off to D.C.”

But most of all, what I kept hearing was how Trump wasn’t afraid to say things that the rest of us might think but don’t say. Or at least don’t say it in public.