Of Course Biden Can Beat Trump.

Mike Weisser
4 min readDec 11, 2023

As of today, the trial which will decide whether Trump is criminally liable for what happened on January 6th, is set to begin in D.C. on March 4, the day before Super Tuesday, when 15 states will decide who will represent the GOP come Election Day.

Right now, all the polls show Trump with a 3–4-point lead over Biden, with new polls coming out all the time with Trump’s slight edge remaining firm. And as we pull closer to the Iowa caucuses next month and Trump continues to lead both the GOP field as well as in the general election polls, the noise being made on the Democrat(ic) side about Joe stepping down, has risen from a slight murmur to a more serious and continuous refrain.

The latest voice making noise about Joe being the wrong candidate to run against Trump comes from Nate Silver, who just published a story in his Newsletter which says that the Democrats are taking a risk by nominating Biden unless they can be sure that he has the stamina and the wherewithal to run a strong, year-long campaign.

The good news is that at least we are finally getting away from all that nonsense about Joe being demented, or stupid, or both. The bad news is that Nate Silver and others seem to think that Joe’s age is some kind of ‘proof’ that he won’t be able to take the physical rigors of a national campaign.

Warren Buffet is 93 and I don’t see him slowing down. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are both past 80, and neither has announced any kind of retirement plan. According to the Social Security Administration, I am 79 and have a life expectancy of another 9 years. If I were 60, my life expectancy would be 22 years.

Do the math as Bill Clinton would say and my chances of living longer than a 60-year old guy are pretty darn good.

In other words, Joe Biden has a much better chance of living through another Presidential term than a young guy like Ron DeSantis or Ramaswhateverhisname.

Not only is all this talk about Biden’s age bullshit, but it’s a way for Democrats who don’t like him to pretend that they do like him but he’s just too old.

Meanwhile, what none of these facockta polls actually measure is how people will vote when Joe actually begins his campaign. Because I have yet to hear Joe make a…