Please Donald, Please Run Again.

Mike Weisser
4 min readJun 7, 2022

So, now that he has to show up in New York to be deposed in yet another instance where Trump just couldn’t figure out how to behave like a regular, law-abiding citizen, his cheering section floats the idea that maybe he needs to jump the gun and declare his intention to run in 2024 not after the November election, but right now.

In fact, according to his so-called advisers, Trump’s chomping at the bit to start his 2020 campaign, because he knows that the second he says he wants to lead the red team, the waters will part, and the savior of America will begin another effort to take the country back again.

Exactly what Trump will take the country back to doesn’t need to be discussed and certainly not explained. This is a guy, after all, who was the Chief Executive for four years and never actually made a single statement that had any content beyond some profanity and insults aimed at someone else.

What I’m going to say next has gotten me into some serious arguments with some of my friends, but I’m not about to change my mind. The bottom line is that I really hope that Trump will head the POS/GOP ticket in 2024 because anyone nominated by the blue team will kick his ass. Even Leonard Mermelstein can easily beat Trump. Leonard Mermelstein is my cat.

What I have never understood about my liberal friends, and the Fake News media for that matter, is how come all the talk about election ‘fraud’ in 2020 only comes from Trump? In fact, it was Trump’s closest advisers who built careers out of engaging in fraud.

Guys like Manafort, Bannon and Stone didn’t all of a sudden start stuffing cash into their pockets when Trump came around. They had been doing it for years. And Trump had no problem bringing guys like this into the highest reaches of his administration and giving them important work to do.

And let’s not forget Trump’s legal team. How about paragons of virtue like Roy Cohn, Michael Cohen, and Rudy G? Cohn ended up being disbarred because he stole the savings of some little old lady; Cohen went to jail because he and a partner ran a limo service which was just a big scam; Rudy has somehow managed to avoid serious legal trouble to date, but that’s only because right now the Southern District in New York has bigger fish to fry.