Progressive Democrats Who Don’t Back Joe Can Vote for the GOP.

Mike Weisser
4 min readJul 28, 2022

Yesterday I happened to be standing in line at the supermarket checkout behind two women who were talking to each other about how ‘everything has become so expensive.’ And what bothered them most of all was that even with a slight drop in the price of gasoline, they were still paying ‘way too much’ in order to get where they needed to go in their cars.

Where did they need to go? First and foremost, they needed to drive 50 miles round-trip up to New Hampshire because that’s where they always went to buy cigarettes. The New Hampshire state motto is ‘Live Free or Die’ and these two women would obviously prefer dying from cancer than dying from having to pay higher taxes on their cigarettes.

Know why everyone, or just about everyone who gladly voted for Joe in 2020 hates him now? Because the Fake News media is using him as a whipping boy in the same way they used Trump over the past six years. But if Trump can’t even get coverage from Fox these days, you know goddamn well that he’s no longer good click-bait for the liberal side.

And to show you how utterly stupid and politically bankrupt the so-called Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has become, the latest poll actually has Hillary Clinton ahead of Joe as a Presidential candidate in 2024.

Hillary Clinton. Remember her? She’s the one who couldn’t be bothered to campaign over the last couple of months in 2016. She’s the one who lost Michigan by less votes than Jill Stein received because she said that appearing in Michigan after Labor Day would just provoke more voters to come out and vote GOP.

Exactly what the Progressive Democrats will now do since yesterday’s announcement that Joe Manchin has signed onto a major spending bill that will put nearly $400 billion into Green Deal programs, as well as subsidizing low-income access to the Affordable Care Act and not increasing taxes on any family earning less than $400,000 but increasing the corporate tax, remains to be seen.

But it only took Bernie Sanders about five minutes to denounce the plan, his statement no doubt being a signal to his Progressive followers that they all need to stand up and complain that the deal is just going to make things worse for the ‘average’ American and won’t…