The Two Dumbest in the GOP.

Mike Weisser
3 min readNov 23, 2023

Yesterday, I promised that I wouldn’t write or post a story on Thanksgiving. But two things happened this morning that I will share with you now because I don’t want to forget.

The first is that I went out to take my morning walk and I walked past an Amazon delivery truck dropping something off at a neighbor’s house which I’m sure the neighbor doesn’t need. The truth is we don’t need anything we buy online, right?

The second thing is I came back, turned on the TV and watched a few minutes of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I was 10 years old when my Aunt Bea took me to Herald Square to watch the parade. This was 1954 and the same balloons with all those Disney characters were floating above the marchers then the way they are floating above the parade today.

So, here’s the question that I have to ask everyone who reads this story today. How can Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis be so friggin’ dumb that they would take on Jeff Bezos and the Disney Company?

So, Bezos owns the Washington Post which has an editorial hard-on against Trump. If you’re Trump and you have half a brain, you call Bezos, you have a friendly chat over the phone, or maybe you invite him to Mar-a-Lago for a quiet lunch.

But you have to be a complete and total asshole to go after the guy who has transformed, nay revolutionized the one thing which Americans do almost every day, which is to go out and buy something they don’t really need.

Except thanks to Bezos and Amazon, you can buy some piece of crap without going anywhere at all. And by the way, if the piece of crap shows up and it doesn’t fit or the color doesn’t work, you just take the item down to Whole Foods or some other store that Bezos owns, plop the item onto a counter, give the guy behind the counter your packing slip which he blips with his little laser gun and you’re out the door.

Remember what a pain in the ass it was to go to the Post Office, stand on the goddamn line, repack the item yourself and then be told oh, by the way, the tape you’re using to seal the box doesn’t work but you can buy a roll of tape from USPS for $5.95? Remember those days?

And Trump goes after Bezos because WaPo has been a left-leaning newspaper since Woodward and Bernstein started…