Trump Golf Begins to Collapse.

Mike Weisser
3 min readOct 23, 2023

Ever since Eisenhower, American presidents all make a point of somehow being connected to golf. They may show up at a baseball game and throw out the first pitch, or wave to all the fans at the Army-Navy football game before exiting the stadium, but most of them actually play the game.

In that respect, Trump-o was a different breed of cat, because he not only plays golf all the time, but he owns a whole bunch of golf courses not just in the United States, but in Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, Oman and Dubai.

But Trump isn’t just a golf course owner, he’s also a golf promoter, or at least was a promoter until a month or so ago.

The new pro circuit, LIV, which is basically funded by the Saudis, has just published its schedule for next year and none of Trump’s courses are listed as venues for that tour. It appears to be the case that the Saudis have gotten cold feet with Trump because the continuing investigation into the Presidential documents that wound up in a toilet at Mar-a-Lago now evidently includes looking into connections between the Trump Organization and LIV golf.

The last thing the Saudis or any foreign government needs is to be somehow involved in the criminal cases being brought against Trump. And the last thing Trump needs is to find himself excluded for the second time from a professional golf tour.

Back in 2014, the PGA announced that their 2022 PGA championship would be played at Trump-o’s Bedminster course. The PGA championship is one of four ‘major’ golf tournaments played every year, and if you own a course which hosts one of these events, in the golfing world, you own gold.

Shortly after the January 6th riot, the PGA announced they were pulling their 2022 championship out of Bedminster, citing ‘political issues’ over which it had no control. There was an immediate fart from Trump-o about this decision, but eventually the two sides agreed to end their connection and Trump then switched his attention to the LIV tour.

Now the Trump-LIV deal is dead in the water, too.

I don’t know anything about the courses that Trump owns overseas, but his American golf courses are mostly older courses which either went broke or were limping along and Trump was able to buy them for a song. The…