Trump Has His Own Debt Problem.

Mike Weisser
4 min readMay 28

What a surprise! They make a deal on the debt ceiling and still have 4 days to sell it to their members. Which means that for the next couple of days the alt-right shitheads in the GOP House caucus can rant and rave about how the leadership is selling them all down the river and giving in to the Deep State Commies and queers to keep the government running for another couple of years.

Meanwhile, how come we haven’t heard a word about the so-called debt ‘crisis’ from the guy who claims that he’s the real leader of the GOP?

I’m talking of course about Orange Shithead who has been remarkably quiet about the ministrations in D.C. because his only concern seems to be peddling some stupid book which allegedly contains letters that he’s received from “countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes and business leaders who shaped the United States, and the world!”

What you really need to do is read some of the Amazon customer reviews which are being used to promote this ninety-dollar literary masterpiece. And since the book is evidently published by a company owned by Trump, it will immediately be listed as a best-seller and by the way, you can pay a thousand bucks and get a copy signed by Trump himself!

Meanwhile, I notice that Trump’s fundraising totals between January and the end of March seem to be flopping along at a level which makes me wonder how serious anyone can take him as a bone fide candidate for 2024. Most of the money he’s raised has come from something called Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee, which appears to be a website claiming to help Trump compete with the ‘Soros Money Machine.’

I must say, some of these ‘hardworking patriots’ are really dipping deep into their pockets and pocketbooks to help Trump’s campaign. One donor, a lady from North Carolina, made 13 contributions on January 31st for a grand total — ready? — $472 bucks! Which averages out to $36 a pop, including 6 separate donations between $1 and $5 bucks. This lady must be one of those big ‘bundlers’ which the Trump campaign is banking on to replace mega donors like Miriam Adelson, Steve Schwarzman and Larry Ellison who have jumped off the Trump ship.

Meanwhile, cozying up to the big money crowd isn’t Trump’s biggest financial challenge right now because what…