Trump’s New Base: The Moony Unification Church.

In 1988 I was asked to run a charity dinner in Atlanta to mark the 10th anniversary of the Camp David accord which opened the border between Israel and Egypt and marked the beginnings of some degree of political stability in the Near East. The dinner was sponsored by an American organization which funded exchanges of college students between Israel and the United States, and it was held in Atlanta because Jimmy Carter was the honored guest.

Selling out the 40 tables at $2,000 a table took three phone calls, and the deal was done. This was Atlanta and the three calls went to Delta, Coke, and Ted Turner’s CNN. One table went to the Mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson and his crew, another table was set for Coretta Scott King who brought her entourage, Julian Bond also required a table for him and his friends. In other words, if you were someone in Atlanta, you were at that dinner.

The problem in pulling off the dinner, however, was finding a night when Jimmy Carter was free to appear. I didn’t realize how much an ex-President, even an ex-President who served only one term, was in demand. And Rosalynn had her own very tight schedule as well. The Carters were rarely free on the same night.

We finally found an open date that worked for Carter and everyone else. The President showed up on time, gave a terrific speech about the significance of the Camp David agreement, the dinner at Atlanta’s Renaissance Hotel was a success.

I spent some time today thinking about that Atlanta event when I learned that another ex-President who served only one term commemorated the remembrance of 9–11 this past weekend by showing up at a conference organized and run by the widow of Sun Myung Moon, who was the founder of something called the Unification Church which he brought from Korea to the United States in 1971.

Except the Unification Church isn’t a church like the First Baptist Church, or the Catholic Church, or the Methodist Church, or some other regular church. The Unification Church is a cult, and its followers are usually referred to as ‘moonies,’ not just because of Moon’s last name, but because the members of what is really a cult are often totally and completely loony, a word which rhymes perfectly with ‘moony.’

Trump spoke at a digital event called the ‘Rally for Hope,’ which is allegedly attempting to promote the reunification of Korea. This project is the beginning of what is referred to as ‘partnerships for peace.’ This bunch is so interested in peace that Moon’s son, Hyung Jin Moon, runs a Mooney church in Pennsylvania, where the worship service includes brandishing AR-15 rifles — a congregational event is pictured above.

Jin Moon showed up at the January 6th riot in D.C., and regularly promotes the MAGA narrative in his church. He also owns a 40-acre piece of land in Texas which he claims is a ‘safe haven’ for patriots, whatever that means.

If speaking at this event and bragging about how much he has done to promote world peace and the reunification of Korea is the best that Trump could do to mark the 20th anniversary of 9–11, the idea that he represents any kind of serious political force going into the future is a pretty bad joke.

And by the way, there were public 9–11 events held at downtown Manhattan, nearby the Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA but I didn’t notice that Trump was invited to appear at any of those functions. On the other hand, he may appear at the September 18th funeral of one of the troopers who was killed in the suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul. The trooper’s mother is a poor, distraught woman who sent out a Facebook rant claiming that Joe was to blame for her son’s death and that the ‘real’ President was Donald Trump.

There was also another pro-Trump event of note this past weekend. It was a ‘We the People’ rally held at some fairgrounds in Kentucky which featured Mike ‘the pillow’ Lindell, Mike Flynn who lied to the FBI but Trump kept him from going to jail, the loudmouth lawyer Lin Wood who gave one of the most incendiary and rhetorically-violent speeches at the January 6th rally and a couple of other dopes.

The organizers of this event claimed they were expecting 10,000 people to show up and do their patriotic thing. Know how many patriots actually appeared. Try 200–300 at most.

So, I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump is no longer doing anything that might elevate him above his present status as an ex-President who appears at 21st-Century versions of the minstrel show, either live, streamed or both. The only reason that he still gets any attention at all is because my friends in the liberal media just can’t let him go.

I don’t know how many times Trump opens his mouth and says something either wrong or stupid or both, when his comments are then repeated by CNN or MS-NBC as if his lies and insults constitute some kind of ‘news.’ These organizations aren’t in the business of reportage, they’re in the business of gossip-mongering for the Left, in the same way and with the same intention that Fox News panders to the Right.

Where do you go for real news these days? Beats hell out of me.

Former college professor, IT Vice-President,