Want To Feel Stupid? Move To a Dumb State.

Mike Weisser
3 min readFeb 25, 2024

The good news about Trump’s primary victory over Haley in South Carolina is that Trump said exactly the same thing about himself that he said in 2020, and the same people voted for him in South Carolina who voted for him when he lost that election to Joe — white, Evangelical men without college degrees.

Now there are plenty of voters like that in the Confederate states, which is why Trump walked away with yesterday’s primary vote. At the CPAC meeting last night, Trump gave exactly the same speech that he gives on the campaign trail: Medicare will “collapse.” Social Security will “collapse.” Health care in general will “collapse.” So, too, will public education.

Millions of manufacturing jobs will be “choked off into extinction.” The U.S. economy will be “starved of energy” and there will be “constant blackouts.” The Islamist militant group Hamas will “terrorize our streets.” There will be a third world war and America will lose it. America itself will face “obliteration.”

But if Trump is re-elected for another term, here is what he told the CPAC crowd would be the result: America will be “richer and safer and stronger and prouder and more beautiful than ever before.”

I can just see MAGA on those stupid, red hats being replaced by RSSP — richer, safer, stronger, prouder. Trump’s probably applied…