Want To Know What to Do About Gun Violence? Ask Joe Biden.

Mike Weisser
3 min readJun 1, 2022

So now that the thoughts and prayers have begun to fade away, the politicians can begin posturing about voting some kind of law to control gun violence. And believe it or not, the only public official who seems to not only have a grasp on the reality of gun violence, but what to do about it, is the so-called ‘demented’ President of the United States.

Joe was asked yesterday how he felt about the law which may get passed in Canada that will effectively end legal sales of handguns, or at least make it almost impossible for a law-abiding Canadian resident to buy such a gun.

And to his credit, and to the discredit of just about every other member of both the GOP and Democrat(ic) Congressional caucuses in D.C., Joe hit the nail right on the head by saying that he didn’t want to ban all handguns, but only those guns which, as he put it, have no ‘rational’ or ‘sporting’ basis for being used. And his press secretary qualified this comment by saying that Joe was talking about guns which shoot a 9mm bullet or above.

And what was the response to Joe’s comment from Fox News, which will no doubt now become the standard litany about gun-control from Joe Manchin and his new-found friends in the GOP? Fox actually had the balls to state, and I quote: “Handguns in 9mm are the most popular in the United States and are not considered “high-caliber” by most firearms experts.”

Which ‘experts’ did Fox consult to come up with this load of sh*t? The 9mm round is only the most popular handgun ammunition for military use, the United States having switched from the 45-caliber round to the 9mm carried by all NATO forces back in 1976.

The point is that everyone gets worried and concerned about gun violence when the media elevates a story like what happened last week at Uvalde to the front page, or the lead on the nightly, TV news. But every day somewhere around 260 men, women and children are killed or seriously injured in this country with guns, and a California law-enforcement study of the calibers in crime guns found that the 9mm round showed up more than 50 percent of the time.

Nobody uses a 9mm, semi-automatic pistol which holds a magazine with sixteen rounds of military-grade ammunition and uses that kind of gun to shoot a…