What Did the January 6th Committee Accomplish? Jack Squat.

Mike Weisser
4 min readJun 30, 2022

Since I’m going to say some pretty harsh things about members of the blue team, let me just take a minute to make it clear exactly where I stand.

I have voted in every national election since 1966. In November, I will vote in a national election for the28th time. I have only voted for Democrats and I will never (read: never) vote for anyone who isn’t running on the Democratic line.

Notice I say Democratic line, not the Democrat line.

That being said, the hearings conducted by the January 6th Select Committee represent the third time in less than three years that the behavior of Orange Shithead has been the subject of a public display of testimony and evidence, and for the third time the Democratic Party, my party, has fu*ked the whole thing up. Three strikes and you’re out, okay?

This last effort was the worst of all. Why? Because if there’s a single human being in the United States who doesn’t believe that Trump was involved in the planning of the Capitol riot on January 6th, then that person is blind, deaf, and dumb. Or if he or she is a Republican, which is saying the same thing.

The whole point of these hearings was missed because what they should have been doing is getting a piece of shit from the Proud Boys or the Three Percenters to get up there and tell what he was told by Roger Stone about what to do on January 6th, and how much money he got to show up in D.C., and how he and his buddies knew not to bring their guns onto the Capitol grounds.

In other words, after the video of the actual riot, witnesses should have been called who would have given that video a human dimension and tie that human dimension — their behavior as rioters — to Trump.

But that’s not what happened. What happened was the Committee started off with the video that showed the venom and the destructive behavior of the shitheads who invaded he Capitol. Then we had to hear from some Constitutional law expert about whether there was a legal basis for trying to stop the counting of electoral votes. Then we had to hear from some woman about how she was threatened because she was working for the election board in Pennsylvania. Then we had to hear from some cop who got punched in the Rotunda.