What’s Really Happening in Gaza?

Mike Weisser
3 min readNov 25, 2023

The war between Israel and Hamas is now going into its eighth week, and I don’t recall any previous military conflict in the Near East or anywhere else for that matter where we seem to have so little hard news about what’s going on.

First of all, the biggest question which has yet to be answered is this: Why did Hamas attack Israel on October 7th?

You can read all kinds of theories from various academic experts at various American universities posted by CBS and other Fake News outlets, but there hasn’t been any kind of official statement explaining their intentions or goals from Hamas.

The second question is this: Hamas has allegedly trained somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 combatants for what is referred to as ‘security tasks,’ but what did they really hope to accomplish against an active military force of some 150,000 fully equipped soldiers, another 450,000 reserves, and an air force which flies F-35 jets, the most advanced combat aircraft in the world today?

Question number 3: We keep hearing and reading about this ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Gaza, which is due to the indiscriminate bombing by the Israelis and a blockade which only allows a certain, limited amount of food, fuel and medical supplies to be received, never mind the wholesale destruction of civilian housing and other infrastructure which makes Gaza City look like this:

But exactly where do these hundreds of thousands of bombed-out Gaza residents now live? Are they sleeping in the street? Is there a big tent city growing by leaps and bounds in the Southern part of Gaza every day?

And it occurs to me that there’s actually a fourth question that I need to ask, which is this: When Netanyahu says that he plans to ‘eliminate’ Hamas, what exactly does he mean? Does he mean that every Hamas fighter will be taken out and shot or does he have some other kind of solution in mind?

Note that I just avoided using the term ‘final solution’ to describe what may or may not be in Netanyahu’s head. But doesn’t the word ‘eliminate’ mean exactly that?