What’s So Progressive About Progressives?

Mike Weisser
4 min readMay 31

Back in 2016, I was thrown off the Daily Kos website because I posted a story in which I claimed that Bernie Sanders was running a campaign which despite his claim to be a ‘socialist,’ was nothing more than a standard, Democrat(ic) response to the GOP with some ‘occupy Wall Street’ cliches thrown in.

I was accused, among other things, of being a ‘secret’ employee of the Russian disinformation campaign to make sure that Americans never had a chance to consider the programs or strategies of the Progressive movement, which Daily Kos claims to represent.

Last month I signed up again for Daily Kos and started posting stories on their website, which were the same stories I post on Substack, Medium, and my own blog every day.

Two days ago, I posted a story on all four outlets again criticizing Hillary Clinton for making a snark comment about Joe’s age in an interview with The Hill, and I received more than — ready? — 250(!) comments on my Daily Kos page, most of which can best be described as angry, hateful, or worse.illary

I was also informed by the Daily Kos management that I had violated the website’s rules because they do not permit “misleading, deceptive, or malicious attacks against Democratic officials or candidates,” even though dear Hillary is neither a party official nor (yet) a candidate. So, she fits into some other sanctified group, perhaps a group which consists of Democrats who run lousy and/or worthless political campaigns.

Before I get thrown off Daily Kos for the second time, which will probably put me in a rather select category, perhaps even more select than the category in which Hillary currently resides, I’m going to put one more story about Hillary on the Daily Kos website, and that will probably be the last time I am allowed to question any of the current orthodoxies which together create the progressive mind.

I was a resident of New York State when Hillary ran and won a Senate seat in 2001. I voted for her then just as I voted for her in 2016. In fact, I was very impressed with her 2000 campaign, if only because she made a point of doing at least one, in-person appearance in every one of the New York’s 65 counties, of which many of the upstate, rural counties have fewer Democrats than cows — a lot fewer, by…