When Will Doctors Stop Worrying About the 2nd Amendment?

Mike Weisser
4 min readNov 30, 2023

So, the argument about gun violence which occurred on Monday between Megan Ranney, who is the newly-appointed Dean at Yale Medical School, and a John Kennedy, a pro-GOP Senator from Louisiana, has now spilled over to the digital world and every other gun-violence expert is getting into the act.

The Ranney-Kennedy exchange got started when Kennedy asked Ranney to explain why Chicago had such a high gun-violence rate and Ranney replied by saying that red states in the South like Mississippi and Louisiana had higher rates.

They went back and forth and Ranney ended up insisting at least twice that she was not against the 2nd Amendment and did not want to deprive law-abiding Americans of their legally owned guns.

Fox News then went out and today got one of their agreeable gun experts, my friend John Lott, to come in with a criticism of Ranney’s position based on the idea that you can’t compare statewide numbers on gun violence to numbers from any particular city, because the gun thing in a city is a ‘local,’ not statewide affair.

So, score one for Gun-nut Nation and once again the gun debate goes nowhere fast.

As far as I’m concerned, it really doesn’t matter whether Chicago has more shootings than Louisiana or anyplace else. I happen to live in Springfield, MA which has been celebrating 2023 with 29 murders, most of them committed with guns, which gives my city a gun-violence rate at least 20 times higher than Chicago. So what?

What bothers me about Ranney’s comments was what seems to happen just about every time that someone who favors gun control is confronted over the issue of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights,’ which is they go out of their way to insist that they are as supportive of the 2nd Amendment as anyone else. If Megan Ranney thinks she can get any gun nut to take her seriously about gun violence because she claims to be a supporter of Constitutional gun ‘rights,’ then Dr. Ranney has never had a serious conversation with anyone who owns guns, except maybe for some trauma surgeon at Yale who learned to enjoy shooting while he was in the military and did service time in some crummy field hospital in Iraq or Afghanistan.