Who Says Trump Is So Right-Wing?

Mike Weisser
4 min readJun 1

It’s pretty difficult to figure out who says the most bizarre, the craziest and the most stupid statements made by anyone in the GOP. That’s because in order to represent the GOP in public life you have to say things that are simply too bizarre, too crazy, or too stupid to be believed.

In that respect, the winner of this contest has usually been Donald Trump, who yesterday made what has to be the most bizarre statement he has ever made. I am referring to something he put on Truth Social about Ron DeSanctimonious or whatever Trump his calling him these days.

Referring to an upcoming visit to Iowa where DeSantis has also been stumping around, Trump criticized DeSantis for voting to cut social security, ‘obliterate’ government medical care and impose a 23% national sales tax which, if enacted, would represent the single, biggest tax increase of all time.

Ready? Are you sitting down?

Trump says he’s going to Iowa and then attacks DeSantis for: a) voting to cut social security; b} raising the minimum age for receiving social security payments to 70; c) getting rid of Medicare; d) imposing a national, 23% sales tax.

This is Trump saying these things about someone else? Since when did Trump become such a big liberal who all of a sudden wants to protect social security and government-financed health?

Here’s the guy who for the last eight years has positioned himself to the Far Right, using a combination of hyper-nationalism and racism to pull the entire GOP narrative into MAGA-land and now he’s tilting to the Left!

And you know what? He’ll get away with it for the simple reason that just about everyone who supports Trump doesn’t really care what he says.

I’m in the gun business, so I know a lot more Trump voters than most of the folks who read my blog or subscribe to the Medium website where my columns appear. And when I ask Trump supporters why they support Orange Shithead, the usual response is: “I like him.”

Get these folks into a discussion about specific policies that Trump supports and the best you’ll get is something about how he wants to ‘bring America back.’ Exactly what America needs to be brought back from is never very clear.

Mike Weisser

Former college professor, IT Vice-President, bone fide gun nut, https://www.teeteepress.net/