Who Told the FBI that Classified Papers Were Sitting in Trump’s Desk?

Mike Weisser
4 min readSep 1, 2022

It’s now 6:30 PM on Wednesday night and I’m going to wait until 8 P.M. to finish this comment because that’s the time that has been set for Trump’s legal bunch to respond to the DOJ document submitted Tuesday night accusing Trump of obstructing justice, along with noting that Trump’s attorney may have committed perjury when she swore back in June that all classified documents had been turned over to the government at that time.

Not only do I want to read Trump’s response to the DOJ, but I’m willing to take the short odds that he may actually try to claim that the documents which were allegedly found in the August raid were planted during the raid by the FBI.

To show you how bad things have become in Trump-land, this morning’s AM shock jock, whose show is always based on what the Trump PR team tells him to say, actually claimed that Trump could get beyond the Mar-a-Lago problem by reminding everyone that the FBI still needed to tell us about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Okay. I’m going to pause now and return to this comment after we see what happens at 8 P.M.

I have just finished reading the response by Trump’s legal team to the DOJ filing on Monday which explains why the FBI conducted a search of Mar-a-Lago two weeks ago. At least these lawyers didn’t come up with some nonsense about how the FBI planted the classified documents they found in Trump’s desk, among other locations in his home.

That was left up to Trump, who sent out a comment Wednesday afternoon which, of course, promoted the idea that the documents shown in the picture above were planted by the FBI during their search. He said he same thing right after the raid.

Even if the Court goes along with Trump’s request to appoint a special master to determine which seized documents should or should not be returned to Trump because they are protected by lawyer-client privilege, this whole effort to inject a third party into the dispute doesn’t change the basic issue at all. The simple fact is that nobody, President, or anyone else, can take classified documents home. That’s the reason they are classified, okay?

I happen to know something about the handling of classified government information because I was…