Why Can’t Hillary Just Shut Up and Go Away?

Mike Weisser
3 min readMay 29, 2023

For those of you who like me are sick of everything and anything having to do with Orange Shithead Trump, let me break it to you gently, okay?

It’s about two weeks short of the day that Trump came down the staircase and announced he was a candidate for President in 2015.

Know what? Bill Clinton got into the Presidential sweepstakes on October 3, 1991, but here we are, more than thirty years later and someone named Clinton is still making noise and trying to remain involved in the political game.

Hillary’s latest gambit is a comment made at a D.C. conference last week when she was asked about Joe taking a fall during the G-7 summit in Japan. She said that everyone had a ‘right’ to be concerned about his age, but of course she was ‘hoping’ that he would be okay.

If that statement isn’t a back-handed slap at Joe and his decision to run for a second term, please show me a better one.

What will it take for Hillary to finally shut up and just go away? How come she can’t politely decline to answer the same, stupid questions about the current political scene which she answers every day? How come she can’t be like Michelle Obama or Laura Bush and just write thank-you notes to people who make some kind of comment about her?

I’ll tell you why. Because this woman continues to not only dream about being President of the United States, but she will never believe that her loss in 2016 was due to anything other than the same kind of election ‘fraud’ which got Trump tossed out of the White House four years hence.

Think I’m being too harsh on poor, ol’ Hillary? Take a look at how she explains what happened when she ran against Trump.

She begins her explanation by stating that she hired the best, most experienced and strongest campaign staff that anyone ever put together for a national campaign. She also spent two bucks for every single dollar that Trump’s campaign spent.

Why did she lose? Because — ready? — Trump was actually the candidate of the Russian government which put together a secret game plan to bring her down.

That’s right. Hillary has been promoting this conspiracy theory for the last six years and when it recently came out that…